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Volkl One Ski Review

Posted March 15, 2013 @ 5:33pm | by Eric Gerrmann

Volkl One Skis, Ski ReviewVolkl One Ski Review

The Volkl One Skis were built, designed, engineered, created, formulated, conceived, forged or any other synonym you want to add in, as a ski that will be marketed to a market that Volkl claims to have created... You must be thinking, "Wow, this is a weird start to a ski review", but it's completely accurate. 

The "Smear Skier Market" or "Powder Surfing Market" as Volkl is calling them, has existed for years. The guys and gals that smear and wash-out their turns in the woods and on the sides of the trail, finally have a ski designed to do what they love. If you find yourself in search of the freshest possible snow for everyone of your turns, the Volkl One is exactly what you're looking for. With a full rockered shape and a 116 mm waist, the skis are unreal through the deepest pow and feel extremely "smearey" in bumps and tight trees. The Volkl One is a true powder surfing instrument that has no equal. When the snow falls from the heavens, I am going to reach for the "One" and only Volkl One.

But the Powder Surfing is not the only reason that these skis are so much fun... 

The Volkl One is one of the most fun on-trail, jibbing type skis I've ever been on. You can literally ski these sideways, backways or any which ways you please. They pivot and slide so easily that you can be bombing down a groomer and just spin a complete 360 without even leaving the ground or scrubbing speed. SO DOPE! Have you ever skied up to a huge knoll or snow making whale and think, "It would be really sick if I could slide over this sideways like a terrain park box or rail." Well now you can!

While we were testing the 2014 Volkl One, I made a turn super close to George (from TheSkiMonster) as he was resting on the side of trail. At the next stoppage of shredding, he caught up to me and said, "Dude, there is so much rocker in that ski that it literally looked like you were hovering over the snow as you ripped by. It honestly looked like you were floating down the groomer." This is a testament to how much of the Volkl One is not touching the snow when you're skiing on trail. The skis are just so smeary! Volkl did an incredible job in creating a brand new ski that is undisputedly different from anything else on the market.


The Volkl One does want to hold longer radius style turns on hard snow (Duhh). It also is a little washy at speed.

This is certainly because of it's shape, and it is clearly not designed for hard pack snow performance. As long as you don't ask too much of the ski while shredding groomers, you will have nothing but positive stoke levels.

Volkl One Skis, Ski Review

Volkl One Skis, Ski Review

Volkl One Skis, Ski Review

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