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Guest Blog by Mike.

As the corn snow melts and the season dwindles I find myself scratching my head confounded about where winter has gone. Fortunately, the guys at TSM and I made the most of it by chasing the snow further and further north. With so many options, finding a sick place to crash when heading to the hill can be a daunting task. One thing is for sure, where there are ski resorts there is an abundance of lodging options.  But with that comes so many choices, it gets hard to stay away from the main stream places and find one that really caters to the true skiers and riders.

If your resort of choice is Jay Peak, I’m taking the guess work out and going to make it simple for you. Grandpa Grunts Lodge at Jay Peak, Vermont is a gem tucked away on the backside of the mountain. It is THE place to bunk if you’re looking for a quality shred and stay spot without breaking the bank.

This is where ski lodge meets hostel.Grampa Grunts Lodge, Jay Peak Vermont

When I was checking in, I got the vibe that this place was unlike any other that I’ve stayed at. Grandpa Grunt’s technology is nonexistent, his kitchen doubles as the reception desk, the poster board and Sharpie he used to track his guests seemed to work better for him than any computer. Bring cash because he doesn't take cards.

After we got our key we made our way through the timber clad bunk house to find our room. There are about 20 rooms and not one of them is the same as the previous. The beds are decent and there is a fridge and TV in the rooms. The community bathrooms were kept fairly clean. For those of you who were killin’ it all day in the backcountry and are too sore to move, just sit back and loosen up in the 12 person sauna. Downstairs in the basement lounge you will find other guests already partying, and that's when you realize... this place is legit. Within minutes, these strangers become your best friends, offering shots of bourbon with pickle juice chasers (apparently the drink of choice in Montgomery, VT). There are skis and boards scattered on the floor, two kids passed out next to the pool table and a game of quarters happening on the bar across the room (you're beginning to get the visual).

There is also a bar and restaurant right next door, but don’t expect The Wobbly Barn (Located in Killington, Vt). Usually, you will find a few locals shooting pool talking about hunting coyotes. It’s not your typical Après but $2 PBRs and live music from a guy singing Johnny Cash make it a good time!

Grampa Grunts Lodge, Jay Peak VermontThe kids we partied with raved about the breakfast and how Grandpas son can cook an absolute feast! So In the morning I made my way down the maze of hallways following the smell of bacon and sausage. It’s a true home cooked meal that you can’t afford to miss!

Depending on the amount of people staying in one room the price is around $47 per person per night on weekends (around $30 for mid-week). And obviously cramming more in is always an option…

So next season if you find yourself shredding near the Canadian border make sure you check out Grampa Grunts Lodge.

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