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Line Sick Day 95 Ski Review

Posted June 12, 2013 @ 2:08pm | by George Michaelsen

Line Skis aka 'The Fun Makers' did it again with their totally New Sick Day Series.  Making a sick pair of skis is one thing but making a sick pair of skis and calling them the Sick Day is next level.  

Line Sick Day 95, 110 Ski Review

I skied the Sick Day 95's before I read the tag line for the series that is listed above.  The Sick Day 95's are lighter, quicker and more fun without a doubt.  These bad boys weigh in at 3,704g per pair and measure in at 130mm in the tip, 95mm in the waist and 115mm in the tail.  

The first time I skied the all new 2014 Sick Day 95's was at Stratton in Vermont during the big demo we have here in the Northeast for dealers.  After getting them adjusted to my Dalbello KR Two Pros I headed up the Gondola with Eric, Beau and Drew to see how they would hang on some harder East Coast snow.  On the way up we were talking about how awesome the name of the ski was and how cool the graphics were.  On the way down I was even more stoked as I was nuking down some of Stratton's steepest runs having more fun than I've had on a pair of skis in a long time.  They are way easier to ski than many other skis in the same catagory; they're less work than the Mantra, more fun than the Rossignol S3 and lighter feeling than both of them.  

The second time I skied on the Sick Day 95's was a Powder Day at Sugarloaf in Maine after getting about 4 - 5 inches of snow.  Previously the best all-mountain 95ish mm waisted freeride ski in the powder was the Rossignol S3 now it's the Sick Day 95.  It's 130mm tip stays on top of the snow without question even when hardcharging some deeper pockets.  What's really sweet about the ski is how it can gobble varying terrain while still feeling light and playful a characteristic that isn't easy to find in a pair of skis.

The last time I skied the Sick Day was at Loon Mountain in NH when the conditions were in epic spring form.  I'm talking 45+ degrees, sun shining with all of my good ski buddies and of course nice corn snow.  When it's warm and the end of the season, goofing off on the mountain is a necessity.  Jibbing on the side of trails, jumping over dirt patches, buttering knolls etc.  The Sick Day didn't hold me back just helped crank the fun meter a notch further.  

2014 Line Sick Day 95 Top Sheet Graphic

Line Sick Day 95 Tip

Line Sick Day 95 Bases

Line Sick Day Epic Shot in Aspen Colorado

Pros: Really easy to ski and will make you look like a rockstar on the frontside, floats like a 100mm+ waisted ski in the Pow.

Cons: Doesn't grip as well at really high speeds as other skis in it's category.  (I'm talking really fast)

Bottom Line: Who cares that it doesn't grip as well at high speeds if I wanna nuke on Hardpack I'll ski something different.  This ski is worth having in your arsenal even if you already have a ski in similar dimensions.. Why? Because it's more fun! 

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