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K2 SideSeth 2013 Ski Review

Posted April 11, 2012 @ 2:01pm | by Eric Gerrmann

K2 SideSeth Skis 2013Over the years Seth Morrison has had many different pro model skis. Each edition changing slightly to adapt to his specific skiing style. As ski technology has evolved, his pro model has consistently been an industry leader in the progression of ski construction. From the Seth Vicious to the ObSETHed, Seth Morrison's pro model skis have always been tailored to his extreme skiing style, and the 2013 K2 SideSeth Skis are no different. 

Seth Morrison along with the industry's other top athletes have slowly gravitated towards backcountry exploration. With Seth encountering higher peaks, bigger cliffs and steeper chutes, K2 knew his current pro model skis were not going to be sufficient. Seth's high speed straight lining has become common place in video segments and magazine photo annuals, year after year. Along with his style, his skiing needs have changed, and K2 had to do something about it... So K2 refined his pro model, to fit a more hard-charging backcountry seeking Seth Morrison. 

The K2 SideSeth is wider, stiffer and has a flatter more directional tail for effective technical skiing. The 2013 SideSeth comes equipped with rocker in both the tip and tail. The tip rocker is more aggressive and provides float and ease of turn initiation, while the minimal tail rocker gives the ski some forgiveness on an overall stiffer platform. The full wood core combined with ABS sidewall contribute to the skis solid edge hold on hard pack snow, while the 118 mm waist supplies enough float for the deepest of powder days.

This new offering from K2 is not just for charging the biggest lines in AK. The new K2 SideSeth is incredibly more versatile than any of its predecessors. It is designed for increased torsional stability on resort groomers, and is outstanding for ripping through the tightest wooded areas. With the combination of stability and supreme floatation, the new SideSeth will not only be Seth Morrison's weapon of choice... but advanced to expert level shredders everywhere.

K2 Sideseth 2013 Ski Review aka The Bottom Line: Great ski for hard charging skiers that are trying to be off trail as much as possible, and the ski's flatter stiffer tail make it perform excellent on hardpack snow conditions. 

Buy the 2012-2013 K2 SideSeth $549.00.


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