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K2 Pettitor Ski Review

Posted March 1, 2012 @ 11:39am | by Eric Gerrmann

K2 Pettitor Skis 2013The Great American Ski Company introduces its newest Pro Model in the form of the K2 Pettitor Skis. Sean Pettit has been on the radar of many ski industry enthusiasts for years, even Freeskier Magazine dubbed him the "Future of Skiing" in December of 2010. Sean Pettit has been killing it ever since he emerged onto the scene, and has now been rewarded with a ridiculous new Pro Model... The K2 Pettitor.

The K2 Pettitor is a fully functioning all-mountain ski with the genetic makeup of big-mountain beast. With a 120mm waist, the K2 Pettitor will dominate the biggest lines and deepest snow imaginable. The first time you lay eyes on the ski, you know its going to be a monster! With its dark goth-like graphics and intense shape, it's easy to get intimidated... but don't back down! The ski will obviously shred the steeps and deeps, but the most surprising aspect of the K2 Pettitor is how well it performs everywhere else.

The ski has dimensions of 147-120-141 and is built with tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot. The Pettitor is more bi-directional than its predecessor, the K2 Obsethed, which makes it better for switch riding and switch landings in deeper snow. K2 designed the Pettitor with an aggressive amount of rocker combined with a softer flexing tip-and-tail. This gives the ski a very nimble feel and allows the ski to enter and exit a turn almost seamlessly. The camber is combined with a stiffer flex pattern underfoot providing the Pettitor with supreme energy and a very snappy feel. The torsional rigidity and the Pettitor's overall stiffer flex, which is the stiffest of the K2 Factory Series, will let the skier lay railroad tracks in hard pack snow. The rocker-effect gives the ski maximum edge quickness making the on-trial experience just as fun as slaying pow.

K2 Pettitor Ski Review aka The Bottom Line: Even though the K2 Pettitor has big-mountains running through its veins, it will still achieve excellence on varying conditions everywhere... 120mm underfoot, no problem.
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