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How To Pack A Cooler

Posted May 14, 2012 @ 12:09pm | by Eric Gerrmann

Every summer I always encounter a cooler that is packed so horribly it makes me think, “Who taught this person how to party?” I am usually pretty good about keeping my composure smiling and saying thank you for coming, but not today. This blog is a simple tutorial for everyone who has no clue on what they are doing when attending someone else’s boat, cookout or camper. 

How to pack a cooler in 4 simple steps:

Igloo Playmate Cooler, How to pack a coolerIgloo Playmate Cooler, How to pack a cooler1.  Makes sure your cooler is clean inside and out.

No one wants to grab food or beverages from a dirty moldy cooler. Be sure to use soap and water to properly sanitize your cooler before placing any items inside. You would think this is an obvious step, but trust me it’s not. 

2.  Place beverages evenly inside before adding ice.

This step is extremely simple and is very important to maximize space and achieve the ultimate level of coldness for your beverages. Arrange cans or bottles evenly across the bottom of cooler then add a thin layer of ice. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the desired amount of beverages are being chilled. Also, be sure to break up the ice before opening the bag. No one likes large iceberg looking chunks. They take up to much space, and are nearly impossible to break-down once they are out of the bag.

3.  All food items are placed on top.

Once the desired amount of beverages are inside, place all food items on the top or final layer of the cooler. This will make the food easily accessible and will eliminate any food from getting to cold or destroyed. It is the absolute worst when someone brings a cooler with sandwiches, fruit and/or chips on the bottom. The food is either frozen solid or disgustingly soggy. Don’t be that guy who brings the soggy sandwiches.

4.  Happily hand over the cooler to the boat owner for proper storage.

This is the final and most important step. The cooler should be properly stored on the boat, and the only person who knows how to do that is the boat’s owner. Don’t be stubborn and say you want to keep it between your legs because you don’t want anyone to drink your girlfriends twisted teas. Just cooperate and oblige with the owner’s wishes, and I guarantee that you will have a much better time.

Follow these 4 simple steps and your cooler will be expertly packed and ready for all boating activities.

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