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5 Parties Every Boater Needs To Go To

Posted May 3, 2012 @ 9:43am | by George Michaelsen

It's May, Stoke Levels and temperatures are rising for Summer 2012 that is just around the corner.  We love boating quite a bit over here at The Ski Monster.  We just put our boat, a MasterCraft X-2, in the water yesterday and are ready to go.  If you have a boat and love boating as much as we do, you love hearing all the boat parties going on around the world.  These are 5 Parties every boater needs to hit up at some point.  This blog was inspired by the hashtag on Twitter: #yolo.  You Only Live Once, but if you do it right once is enough. 

Yacht Week... Crazy party in Croatia.  You probably won't be able to bring your boat there if you're part of the 99%, but you can rent a variety of Sail Boats Huge and small with a crew so all you have to do is take in the scenery, listen to good music and keep on enough sun screen.  This is a party.  

Big Island Lake Minnetonka Party

Big Island on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota hosts one of the best parties you'll ever go to every weekend.  On a 90 degree Saturday in July you can expect over 500 boats rafting up for an Epic party.  (I'm actually in this picture)

Log Bay Day Lake George Party



















On the last Monday of July, boaters on Lake George take the day off to enjoy a Holiday known as Log Bay Day.  Get there in the morning for a good spot, bring plenty of Sun Screen, food and beer, it's going to be a party.  

Chicago Boat Scene/Party Lake Michigan

Chicago has an unbelievable boat scene.  What you're looking at in this picture happens every weekend.  Boats big and small raft up partying on Lake Michigan with the Chicago Skyline as a back drop.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, or should I say chicks and dudes,  this is Brostock.  This party is going down at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri June 15th - 16th.  Bring your wakeboard boat, rent a houseboat and get down while watching Pro Wakeboarders session in the background. 

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